Passionate about helping development teams find success building efficient, secure, and scalable modern applications in the cloud.

Who am I?

Over the past 15 years I’ve worked up-and-down the technology stack. From software development, to building-out and operating datacenters, to leading DevOps and IT transformations.

I’m purpose driven, and enjoy making a positive difference in any organization I have the pleasure to work with.



I'm currently working on


As the founder of Lockdrop. I’m working to make it ridiculously easy to share confidential documents in a meaningfully secure way.

Talks & Consulting

Advising forward thinking companies on how to transform their development teams and build modern applications using the cloud. Looking for advice or a speaker? Introduce yourself!

Community Builder

Recognized by AWS and accepted into the Community Builders program. Access to internal AWS product teams and AWS Heros, working to help spread awareness of cloud native application patterns.


Open-source contributions


When the pandemic hit one of the biggest bubble tea franchises in Canada went to purely online-ordering. Stores were so overwhelmed they regularly disabled online ordering for periods of time. This app made it possible for us to survive when it seemed impossible to order.

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Using SimpleWebAuthn and Amazon Cognito’s custom authentication flow support to implement a proof-of-concept serverless FIDO “Server” supporting a passwordless web app. See here for a live demo.

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A static website that helps make the monthly cost of ownership clear to those trying to understand true cost of ownership between a Tesla Model 3 and other popular sedans. See for the live site.

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Inspired in-part by cdk-serverless-lamp (which was limited to Laravel SPAs). This cdk-serverless-php-mpa repo contains a JSII construct library that allows you to deploy an AWS Serverless “LAMP” stack with AWS CDK that attempts support traditional multi-page applications. See also cdk-serverless-wordpress and cdk-serverless-phpmyadmin.

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Simple serverless voting service for employees to anonymously vote on their work from home preferences in the context of their company. See for a live example.

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Simple serverless service for periodically checking a web page a pattern and send an SMS notification to a mobile number if found.

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Simple serverless service (built with AWS CDK) for translating an IP address to GeoIP data using a locally downloaded MaxMind MMDB database.

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kPanel was intended to be a management application (much like cPanel), for allowing easy registration and management of shared hosting users and a way for them to manage their own resources (databases, files, etc…).

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WRT Captive Portal

When implemented correctly, this allows one to implement a wireless network with a captive portal that authenticates end-users against an LDAP backend before permitting network access. An alternative to 802.1x from a time when captive portals were more common.

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LDAP Password Reset

LDAP Password Reset is a password reset application for OpenLDAP, allowing for secure and self-serve password resets for LDAP accounts.

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I've written or contributed too

We won! 2021 FIDO Developer Challenge: FIDO2 WebAuthn for Passwordless MFA on Amazon Cognito

The 2021 FIDO Developer Challenge was a great experience. It’s super exciting seeing the technology and standards coming together to finally eliminate passwords.

AWS Lambda now supports arm64 (Graviton2), a win for our planet!

One area that’s always fascinated me about AWS is how they use pricing to drive positive action from their customers. One advantage we don’t often hear about when it comes to cloud workloads is the environmental impact.

Pandemic-driven bubble tea monitoring on AWS

In the Toronto area when the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year (spring 2020) one of the consequences (benefits?) was that all businesses where employees could reasonably work from home ended up being forced to do so.

Is it possible to PASS an AWS Exam without studying?

Even with our best of intentions, life sometimes gets in the way and things don’t go according to plan. If you’re like me, there’s a million things you’d rather be doing than studying.

Confidential document sharing made ridiculously easy

The phrase “Aiming to launch next week!” is something people have heard from my mouth far too many times. No longer!

Installation & Configuration of ClamAV Antivirus on Ubuntu 18.04

What I’ve learned during a recent situation where I had to install, setup, and configure ClamAV to run on Ubuntu 18.04 systems using real-time or as ClamAV calls it “on-access scanning”.

2020 Preparation Guide for AWS Certified Security — Specialty

Looking to take the AWS Certificated Security - Specialty exam or want to learn more about the AWS security ecosystem, check out this guide for resources on where to start.

How an electric vehicle saves your family over $3,750/year

Join me while I crunch the numbers, and find out how an EV (even a Tesla) can cost you less than a Honda Civic.

Take back control with end-to-end encryption

Who thought one could make comparisons between Dumb and Dumber and end-to-end encryption?

Data breach fatigue, RE: The New York Times

Do you get the feeling that data breaches are inevitable, and there’s nothing that we can do done in this age of social networks and cloud services to prevent them? There is a cryptographic solution to this problem, but will companies start adopting it?


Drone Adventures

Off topic, please enjoy!

Zion National Park
Ivanpah Solar Power Facility
Virgin River Canyon
Valley of Fire State Park